Selling price / The price we sell you the products

We are selling our services to you at the following prices:
  • 1 Proxy at 1.3$
  • 1 Shared Proxy at 0.8$
  • 1 Socks at 1.3$
  • 1 Shared Socks at 0.8$
You can set the price for every service at whatever value you decide, but it must be higher that the prices shown above.
For example, your price for a Proxy is 1.8$. The user is buying 10 proxies. You will receive 18$ and we will subtract 13$ from your affiliate account. Just keep in mind that, once an order has been made, you have to make sure that you have money in your affiliate account beforehand as we withdraw the cost for the products before we can release the services your client ordered.
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