1 Set up your site

1.1 Create account

Go to this link and create an account. If you already have one or a myaccount account, please login.

1.2 Create the site

Go and click the plus sign in the right top of the screen, you are not limited to just one site, you can create as many sites as you want.
If this is the first site you are creating, your billing info will be required, please fill it up and click save:
If the box appears, please click the plus sign again after completing the billing info. You will be redirected to the creation of the site where the prices are pre-filled with our Prices (the minimum prices). You now need to change them. You can set the price for every service at whatever value you decide, but it must be higher that ours.
Fill the form with your information:
  • Site name - the name of your site that will be used in the communication with your clients, notifications, emails and invoices (if you set your account to emit invoices in a further step and the payment you receive is not through Avangate or WMX (Webmoney bitcoin))
  • Site URL - the url where you want your "myaccount" app to be used, we recommend you to use it at https://myaccount.<your domain>
  • Email - the email address for your site that will be used to send emails to your customers and where you will receive notifications about the site
  • Logo URL - an url with your logo
  • Favicon URL - an url with your favicon
  • Prices - fill it with the prices you want to sell our services
  • Facebook (optional) - the link to your Facebook page will appear in the bottom right of the "myaccount" page
  • Skype (optional) - your Skype ID so you can provide support to your customers
  • ID (optional) - is a free live chat direct on your site, type your ID after you create an account here
  • Slogan - Your Slogan which will appear in email, like "Cheap and fast proxies"
  • Google conversion ID and Google conversion Label (optional) - in case you use google ads, you can fill this to track the revenue which you get from Google
Click add new site, and the site should appear in the Site's table:
The last column Status is the status of your site. After creating a new site, this needs to be approved by admin so that the installation process can begin. The available statuses are:
  • APPROVED - when the site is approved
  • PENDING - when a site was created and awaits for the administrator approval
  • UPDATE PENDING - when you make updates on your website you need to wait for the administrator approval to publish the new changes
  • DELETING - is in the process of deleting the site