About Affiliate Program

Our company is starting an affiliate program through which you can sell our services (Proxy, Shared Proxy, Socks and Shared Socks) and make a profit per service.
There are a few advantages to this opportunity:
    Great Selling Prices
    Completely white label solution on your own domain and branding
    We deal with servers and all technical aspects of this business
    You control your profit. You set the price, it just has to be higher than ours. How high? It is totally up to you, you can change the prices on demand or market trends.
    The only cost is 5$/month for your payment gateway processing server.
    Multiple payment gateways. Our system supports PayPal, Avangate, 2Checkout, Stripe, Webmoney (you can use it to receive bitcoin).
    No Setup Fees.
    No experience or technical knowledge needed, we help you set up and jump start your business quickly.
    You are not limited to just one site, you can create as many as you please.
    Other benefits we offer: Discounts, Coupons, special prices for Tags.
    If you want to process VAT (only for the EU countries) you can see how much you have to pay monthly for each country in the Reports section of the affiliate software.
    Constant Support

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